In the conclusion of the Dream Ring Series, Ava is back at her beloved Neptune school for her final year. Along with classes at Dream Ring, Ava attends the Finishing School on Uranus to prepare for her future. Already a strong, brave teenager, Ava becomes a more confident leader at the Finishing School. 

The year comes with adventures at the Ocean, senior class traditions, and a shopping trip that exceeds even Ava's expectations. However, an emergency involving Fawn and a close call at the Finishing School are experiences that truly test a hero. Does Ava's desire for adventure put her friends in jeopardy? 

Ava and Victoria are back for their second year at Dream Ring, the remote, beautiful school for witches and wizards on Neptune. Together they experiment with different spells and exciting ways to use their powers.  Ava discovers a new region of Neptune and is drawn to explore it.  She plans secret adventures, some resulting in more trouble than others.  When Widdidorm puts more pressure than ever on Ava, she and Victoria embark on a journey through space and find themselves in a battle for survival on the planet Jupiter.  Will they both make it back to Neptune?        

Ava’s third year at Dream Ring is lonely and strange without Victoria. Neptune’s beautiful scenery and mysterious adventures seem less magnificent without Victoria at her side. To prepare to get her best friend back, Ava and two friends attend the Battle School for Advanced Witches and Wizards. The new setting teaches them how to use their spells and powers more actively in encounters with Widdidorm. Their quirky trainer, Gesule, focuses on strengthening their bodies and powers. The school holds surprises, lessons, and a little romance. During her training, Ava develops a plan that could rescue Victoria and bring her back to Neptune. The idea is dangerous and puts more people at risk, but Ava is eager to do anything to rescue her best friend from Jupiter. Will she succeed?      



The Dream Ring Series

After the intense rescue mission, Ava and Victoria head to Saturn to reconnect and heal. Victoria regains strength with the help of her nurse, Fawn, a quirky, bubbly fairy with an outrageous sense of fashion. The girls' trip is cut short when they are both called back to Neptune unexpectedly; Dream Ring is facing a terrifying invasion. To prepare for this conflict, Licklici and Ava on a trip to Darren's Wands that changes Ava's life forever. A courageous, confident teenager, Ava must lead family and friends against the force she never thought she'd have to face again. Is Ava strong enough to defend her school? What will happen to Dream Ring?     

When sassy, funny, fashionably Ava Popolis gets informed by her mother that she is a witch—on her thirteenth birthday—her world is turned upside down.  Even worse, she must leave the comfort of her New Hampshire home to travel to a school on the remote planet Neptune.  Her only comfort is that her best friend, Victoria, is also a witch and will be making the journey with her. 

At the school, Ava and Victoria learn magical spells and potions and, of course, how to fly a broom.  It is interesting and entertaining to Ava…except that the evil sorcerer, Widdidorm, is out to get her.  Will Ava survive multiple encounters with this wicked power? Will she finally understand the reasons for his fury?  Told in a humorous, fresh point of view, Ava describes all of her adventures during the first year at her school.