The Dream Ring Series

Would students be able to purchase books?

Yes; I provide an order form if the teacher wants to help coordinate orders. Ordering before or after the presentation will let students have the option of getting the book personally autographed to them. I will deliver any post-visit book orders to the school within two weeks of the presentation; this saves the students from paying the cost of shipping.

What size audience do you usually speak to?

My audiences have ranged in size from five students at a book club, to 150 third graders, to a mix of parents and students at a school's literacy night. I am comfortable speaking to individual classes or the entire grade at once.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do you speak about?

I speak to the students first about my journey as an author and then about the book process: editing, proofreading, designing the cover, and finally receiving the finished product. We talk about setting goals (I use a method involving chocolate cake), and we do an interactive activity to design a character. I love taking questions, too!

How long do you speak for?

Again, my presentations range in length. The longest presentation I have given was slightly longer than an hour, but I am most comfortable with about 45 minutes.

How do I set up a presentation?

Email for more information and to set up a presentation. I would love to come to your school! Speaking to students is one of my favorite parts of my job.

Is there a fee for the presentation?

I ask that your district pay what they typically pay authors of similar experience and length. I have been speaking to 10-15 schools per year for nine years now.